SMG Operator: 26-27 October 2024

26 Oct
Until 27 Oct

SMG Operator: 26-27 October 2024

Are carbines more capable? Probably. But who cares. The 80’s were awesome, and SMGs were king back then for CQB, counter-terrorism, and hostage rescue. Bring your semi-auto MP5 clone and come have fun with us. Nomex and Avon gas masks, or white tank tops are all optional, but bonus points if you bring a Beretta 92F as your sidearm.

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The Ridgeline Training Center is a premier, purpose-built tactical training school. Located in Dalton, NH the school offers next generation courses and world class experiences for civilians, the corporate world, government agencies, law enforcement and military special operations groups. The Ridgeline team maintains a simple but important focus that THE INDIVIDUAL STUDENT AND THEIR GOALS ARE ALWAYS OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY.

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Dalton, NH 03598

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