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Ridgeline Training Center
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Ridgeline Training Center
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Ridgeline Training Center
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We combine decades of end user experience and instruction along with adult learning methods and sports psychology to provide a systematic approach that, combined with our facility, delivers students an unrivaled experience.

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As Law Enforcement finds itself under increased scrutiny and decreased training budgets it must ensure the training that Officers do receive is cutting edge, relevant and above reproach. Ridgeline specializes in meeting your department, agency, team or individual needs.

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With a dedicated Prior Service staff offering training in Sniper Operations, Direct Action Operations, Tactical Mobility and Low Visibility Force Protection, Ridgeline stands ready to customize training in line with your training objectives.

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Ridgeline Training Center

Ridgeline Training Center located in Dalton, NH serves as the base of operations. The Training Center itself is purpose-built to provide unique and challenging training opportunities such as Long-Range Precision Rifle shooting on our 1200-yard mountain wind course, or engaging dozens of steel and moving targets from our multi-story sniper tower, and even working pistol and carbine platforms in and around vehicles and CONEX façade. Our courses utilize infrastructure that just can’t be found at other shooting facilities in New England. With over 400 pieces of steel, five moving target systems, pop up targets and more, we’ve invested heavily into the resources that add to the world-class instruction provided by our experienced and motivated staff.


The Ridgeline Training Center is a premier, purpose-built tactical training school. Located in Dalton, NH the school offers next generation courses and world class experiences for civilians, the corporate world, government agencies, law enforcement and military special operations groups. The Ridgeline team maintains a simple but important focus that THE INDIVIDUAL STUDENT AND THEIR GOALS ARE ALWAYS OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY.

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227 Miller Road
Dalton, NH 03598

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