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At this time we do not, but we are just getting started. We went into this venture knowing full well we have customers and friends “behind enemy lines” in ban states and fully plan to support them.

A Minute of Angle is an angular unit of measure that is 1/60th of one degree. In linear terms, at 100 yards the angle would have a diameter of 1.047” (most shooters round it to 1”), at 200 yards it would be 2”, at 300 yards it would be 3”, etc. Sub-minute, or sub MOA accuracy, means all rounds fired fall inside of an area less than the specified MOA at that distance. Every RD15 LPR is accuracy tested before it leaves our facility using 77gr. Federal Gold Medal Match ammunition, and must produce a 5 round group under 1” at 100 yards. Each rifle ships with its test target and group size written on it.

The barrel break in procedure is included in the documentation that shipped with your RD-15 LPR manual. If you discarded your packaging, manual or break in recommendations card, it can be viewed here.

Barrel Break In Guide

RD15 LPR barrels are manufactured for us by PROOF Research. They are cut rifled from a double stress-relieved 416R pre-hardened chromium stainless steel barrel blank using our custom profile for balance and to facilitate our gas block index system.

During the machining process on billet receivers tooling marks can and do occur. From the start our focus has been on accuracy and functional reliability. You gun shipped after being tested for both accuracy and reliability and if you see marks they are most likely superficial in nature only. If you believe you have marks on your receiver, or have any quality concerns please reach out to sales@ridgelinedefense.com and we will work to ensure any and all concerns are addressed.

We understand that despite all our testing of barrel manufacturers, types of steel and contours as well as lengths; you may want to use a different caliber or barrel manufacturer. Removing and re-installing the hand guard should be done by a reputable gunsmith capable of dealing with exceptionally tight tolerances so as to not damage the receiver. Our barrel and Gas system are keyed to the barrel your RD-15 LPR shipped with and are held in with Jam nuts for concentric contact. If you require warranty service barrel replacement, please contact us at sales@ridgelinedefense.com to set up an RMA and we will take care of your shot out barrel.

After following our Barrel Break-In recommendations, we suggest cleaning your rifle when you see accuracy degradation outside of the normal tolerance of your capabilities. The RD-15 LPR passed over 20 rounds of SURG testing without loss of accuracy (over 5000 rounds) so you have plenty of wiggle room. It is always recommended to clean and oil per the field strip/cleaning instructions in your Manual if the rifle will be stored for a longer period of time.

The Ridgeline Defense RD-15 LPR is a rifle made for the fighting man, by the fighting man. Whether it is being stored in a pelican case, being shipped or going back to the armory, we recommend a basic field strip/cleaning per the instructions in your Manual. If being stored in damp or non-climate controlled environments for long periods of time, we advise putting a thin coating of your preferred CLP (Cleaner Lubricant Protectant) on all steel parts as well as the barrel to inhibit any surface rusting from occurring. Be sure to remove any CLP from the bore prior to shooting.

Be a man, rattle can. Just be sure to cover/mask pertinent moving parts appropriately to avoid overspray gumming up the works. Ridgeline will not be held responsible for you spraying your optics, lasers or accessories.

Proper Cerakote will require a competent gunsmith to properly break down the gun to paintable components.

Ridgeline recommends 1.5-2x magnification per hundred yards of desired engagement distance, while keeping an eye on size and weight. The extra magnification of scopes like the Leupold MK5 3.6-18x or the Nightforce 4-16x ATACR provide the shooter with a greater ability to spot splash and impacts without the use of a spotter, even if the target is limited in size, contrast to background, or varying light conditions.

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